Rules of accommodation

Accommodation rules of the Your Space capsule hostel

hostel business hours: 24/7

  1. Check-in and check-out

Check-in time – from 14:00. Check-out time – 12:00. It is possible to check in earlier (from 06:00 until 14:00) or check out later (from 12 until 21:00) for the additional fee of 50% of the whole day accommodation price.

  1. Registration of guests

For the registration of Russians, internal passport is required, or a birth certificate for guests younger than 14 years old. For the international guests, registration requires international passport with visa (if applicable) and filled-in immigration card. We could not register a guest on the basis of a driving license or any other identification. Guests under 18 must have notarized permission of parents for the individual accommodation. The check-in requires a refundable deposit of 500 rub. in cash. Deposit ensures the safety of the hostel property and could be charged in compensation of loss or damage of the property by a hostel guest.

  1. Accommodation with children

Children with the minimum age of 12-years and above are allowed for the capsule accommodation. Children under 12 could be accommodated in the double Large Space capsules with one of the parents.

  1. Accommodation in capsules

Capsules Your Space and Your Space Plus could accommodate only one guest. The Large Space capsules could accommodate up to two guests. The capsules are positioned in two and three tiers with the same cost. It is not possible to choose the capsule location during booking, but we try to consider the guest’s wish to the extent practicable.

  1. Booking cancellation

Booking is effective until 21:30 of the check-in day. In case of no show, the booking is canceled without the refund of the advance payment. If you are running late, it is better to notify the administrator by making a call +79046088884 or via e-mail:

  1. Payment

The payment for the whole stay is made on check-in. In case of reduction of stay term, the payment is not refunded.

  1. Accommodation:
  • You should always wear second clean pair of shoes in the hostel. At check-in, each guest gets slippers; you can also bring your own slippers with you. Additional slippers can be purchased for a fee. When you leave the hostel, you should put on your street shoes and leave your clean pair in the numbered compartment in the cloakroom.
  • On check-in, each guest gets a set of bedsheets and a towel. Bedsheets are included in the accommodation price. Bedsheets are changed every 5 days. If you stay in our hostel for a longer period, you can ask the administrator to change bedsheets. Bedsheets can be changed more often for an additional fee.
  • You could watch videos and listen to music on the personal devices in the hostel only with the use of headphones. There are no TVs in the hostel, except the projector in the lounge zone. Only the hostel administrator has an access to the projector.
  • You can cook your own food in the mini kitchen of the hostel. There are fridge, microwave, toaster, induction cooktop, boiler and the set of dishes. Tea and coffee are free.
  • For security reasons, valuables should be kept in the individual locker. You will get the key for the locker on the check-in. According to the article №925 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the hostel is not responsible for the safety of money and valuables left unattended on the territory of the hostel. For the duration of stay, valuables could be stored in the strongbox of the administrator. Oversize luggage should be stored in the luggage room. Access to the luggage room is possible only with the administrator.
  • For the safety reasons, there is video surveillance in the common areas.
  1. Guest responsibilities:
  • Observe the established hostel accommodation rules
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the rooms of accommodation, public areas – kitchen, lounge room, bathrooms, etc.
  • Strictly observe the fire safety rules
  • Strictly observe the rules of the operation of electrical appliancesStrictly observe the rules of personal safety
  • The operation of electrical appliances is allowed only for their intended purpose
  • Observe silence on the hostel territory during the period from 23:00 to 08:00, and during the period from 22:00 to 10:00 when in capsules
  • Pay for damage in case of loss or damage of property of the hostel
  • Keep things organized in the kitchen, wash your dishes and all the used equipment
  • Guests are fully responsible for their own safety and health while staying in the hostel, as well as in capsules at the first, second and third levels. If, due to health reasons, a guest cannot stay in capsules of the second and third levels, they should inform the administrator about this and, if possible, they will be provided with a capsule at the first level.
  1. Prohibited on the territory of the hostel:
  • Smoking in all areas, including electronic cigarettes and other devices for smoking/vaping
  • Eating in capsules
  • Bringing and consuming alcohol and drugs
  • Being in a condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication on the territory of the hostel
  • Causing discomfort to others guests, including via noise, odor Use any electric heaters besides those installed by the hostel administration in the common areas
  • Keeping bulky things, flammable, explosive or toxic substances in the rooms and capsules
  • Presence of people on the hostel territory, who do not live in there 
- Being on the site of any animals
  1. Administration rights
  • The hostel administration reserves the right to apply certain measures to violators of any provision of these rules, up to the cancellation and eviction without refund of the paid funds.
  • In case of improper behavior of a guest and his disturbance of public order, the administration also has the right to evict this guest without a refund of the paid funds.
  • The hostel administration is not responsible for the operation of urban utilities (emergency shutdown of light, water, heat and so on.).

Fire safety rules

  1. If it is your first stay at the Your Space capsule hostel, keep in mind the location of the main and emergency exits, emergency routes and installation locations of fire extinguishers.
  2. In case of smoke, smell or other signs of burning, immediately notify the administrator.
  3. In the event of a fire in your room, immediately call your administrator for assistance. Try to stop the fire using a fire extinguisher.
  4. If you hear the fire alarm sounds, immediately head to the nearest emergency exit by following the instructions of the administrator.
  5. Do not hesitate on your way out – your life is more valuable than things.
  6. Do not go back to the building without the prior permission of the hostel administrator.

It is prohibited to:

  1. Smoke on the whole territory of the capsule hostel.
  2. Use electric irons, electric stoves, electric pots and other devices besides those installed in the common areas by the hostel administration.
  3. Use of open fire on the whole hostel territory.
  4. Clutter the room walkways with bulky things – big bags and suitcases.
  5. Cover switched on floor and table lamps, electric heaters.
  6. Bring and store explosive and flammable substances and materials on the hostel territory.
  7. Leave small children unattended.


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